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New Normal finally starts in 2022

  • Life

The second quarter of 2022 kicks off with my government forcing everyone to go back to the office. Luckily I moved my schedule in May so, I still have time to prepare myself to adjust to the so-called “New Normal“.

The first thing that I want to fix is my sleeping habits — After I went through 16 hours of attending training and doing my actual work for a month, I’m having a hard time getting a stable sleep schedule. As a result, migraines and restlessness are daily occurrences. Luckily, I’m ditching coffee in the meantime to make this transition easier.

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Mental exhaustion, a very slow recovery

  • Life

So It’s been a year and a month since this lockdown started and been living alone for a very long time in this small space of mine called ‘home’. Usually, when I get tired from work or just being outside, taking a rest is the best thing to do so I can do whatever stuff, tasks, or anything that I have to do the next day. But there are times when everything seems to be harder.

Yup. Exhaustion.

Mental exhaustion is a very common thing to feel, especially nowadays. At first, I thought that it was similar to being tired but it took me more than (3) three months to fully realized that I can’t focus on my work or whatever I was doing, my love for playing games completely disappeared, always frustrated and angry with the people I talked to daily and my on-and-off disorder, Trichotillomania comes back at random times.

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