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All “Travel” blog posts. This category is already self-explanatory but since I need to fulfill the SEO requirements (the red icon really bothers me) I will be posting here the countries I have been to since 2009, I will try to fetch my old photos and hopefully visit those countries again so I can compare and see what changes have been made for 10+ years already.

↝ I will be posting here some conventions I have went to and what we did there and what items I found or things that look interesting. It’s not my cup of tea since I’m an introvert but they’re fun to do it.

Visiting Seoul — Arcades and Street-food

In early May, my family and I returned to Seoul, South Korea, for a week-long visit. This trip was actually a revisit for us, although the original plan to attend a concert got canceled. Undeterred, we reshaped our itinerary and focused on different activities. Jacob, my significant other, was particularly excited about exploring the game arcades in Seoul, meeting up with a friend, and indulging in some delicious street food adventures in Myeongdong.

Despite the early summer forecast, we were surprised by the cool weather in Seoul, reminiscent of early spring, especially during the evenings. This contrasted with the scorching hot and humid weather we had been experiencing in the Philippines for the past two months.

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Retro Gaming Expo — Event recap

In February, we embarked on a trip down memory lane as we attended the inaugural Retro Gaming Expo. This two-day event was a nostalgic extravaganza, featuring many merchandise, sellers, exciting tournaments, and vibrant cosplay. The entire expo was a delightful madness of retro game-themed festivities.

It’s worth noting that retro gaming has already established its presence, but recently it has gained even more attention and popularity. This surge in interest could be attributed to Millennials now having the time and financial means to invest in cherished items from their childhood and expand their collections.

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