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About ‘Midnight —keeembap’ blog

↝ About… Very Basics
  • Name: Despite having multiple names, my lovely parents named me Kim
  • Location: The best country to stay in for the Summer. Philippines
  • Sign: I’m gonna drop the “Moon” and “Ascendant” stuff and go with Sagittarius the introverted type
  • Personality: Okay, this took that popular personality exam and got INFJ-T (*this time*)
↝ Some Info
  • BFA Graduate. Experienced highs and lows in my Advertising career, graphic design, web development, and had an insomniac journey in photography. Currently finishing a chapter that involves marriage, gaming, and uh… — yeah those boring stuff.
  • I don’t even know what my likes are since it’s all “spur of the moment”. Well.. like cake and coffee 🙂
  • 100% interested in future funk, vaporware, and Japanese City pop.
↝ Social Media, etc.
  • Instagram: @keembap.__
  • Twitter: @k_ne_imi — Inactive. Bots are taking over.
  • PSN and Steam: Just DM me in IG

The blog

Okay, I’ll try to remember stuff…

I began this blog and acquired the domain in November 2018, a year after creating my straightforward portfolio site. Initially, my intention was to move on from blogging after publishing my final posts on my blogs, Scented Coffee and August Sunset. However, everything took a turn when I witnessed my husband’s exasperation with imitations on Instagram. This compelled me to return to blogging and pursue it once again.

I initially chose the name “Koffee with Keeembap” as a playful combination of my love for coffee and the Korean dish called gimbap/kimbap (I know, it’s cheesy!) and I’m delighted that the website had a successful run.

Fortunately, I never worried too much about SEO and other technical aspects (although I appreciate the page views). As 2022 rolled in, I decided to break free from the coffee-centric theme and rebranded my blog as “Minuit” or midnight, as that’s when I’ll be sharing my content.

Although the name may have changed, the essence of my blog remains the same. It continues to serve as my personal platform, where I freely share an assortment of random thoughts, rants, ramblings, and whatever else comes to mind.

Thanks for reading, have a nice day!