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Me? A functional introvert

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In a world that seems to have biases towards extroverts and social butterflies, folks like me who lean towards introversion often end up juggling between what society expects and our introversion. I’ve always tagged myself as a classic introvert, someone who enjoys cozy corners and solo pondering. But you know what? Just a few hours ago, I realized something – I’m a functional introvert!

It hit me like a weird epiphany while I was working on a blog post for one of my projects and reading a Reddit post about work ethics for introverts. I remember my previous conversations that went beyond the usual pleasantries like making jokes and sharing a little bit of my personal life with colleagues. Realizing how seamlessly I often engaged, like a light bulb switching on, led me to question my introversion.

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Habits that I got over time

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Habits are fascinating aspects of our lives, shaping our routines and reflecting our preferences. Some habits serve us well, while others may hinder our progress. By becoming aware of our habits, we gain the power to change them and create positive shifts in our lives.

Lately, I’ve realized I have some really weird habits. And you know what? When I told my friends about them, they were like, “Oh my gosh, I do that too!” It’s crazy how we all have these quirks. So, I thought it would be fun to make a list of these hilarious behaviors.

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