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New Normal finally starts in 2022

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The second quarter of 2022 kicks off with my government forcing everyone to go back to the office. Luckily I moved my schedule in May so, I still have time to prepare myself to adjust to the so-called “New Normal“.

The first thing that I want to fix is my sleeping habits — After I went through 16 hours of attending training and doing my actual work for a month, I’m having a hard time getting a stable sleep schedule. As a result, migraines and restlessness are daily occurrences. Luckily, I’m ditching coffee in the meantime to make this transition easier.

With my current schedule, I should be sleeping around seven in the morning and waking up at two in the afternoon however I already fall asleep at three in the morning, right after I clocked out then go straight to bed and wake up at ten at the morning. It’s not that bad since I still get seven to eight hours of sleep but a stable schedule is nice.

The next thing that I need to fix is my work bag since I’ll be commuting again and have to deal with assh*les on the road, I need another bag and this time should be a thief-proof crossbody bag. At first, I’m considering getting a handbag but since I usually power-walk my way to the office, it looks like having a crossbody bag seems a good choice — feels free to move compared to backpacks.

Also, I’m planning to buy an RFID-safe wallet too because this pandemic taught me to be more aggressive with my finances.

And the last thing that I need to fix is my wardrobe and skincare. I have lost weight greatly over two years, and although there are no visible changes on my end, I feel lighter and more active than before. However, I’m getting acne due to hormonal changes, and I have a bad habit of picking them, as a result, I’m having scars on my face. Although we’re still going to wear masks, I get sad when I see the scars on my face, so I need to make an effort to let those scars heal.

Just reading this again, I have a feeling that it’s going to be a very busy April 2022 for me but for now, I’ll just enjoy my weekends being a pet sitter.