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New Normal finally starts in 2022

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The second quarter of 2022 is starting off with a new phase as the government mandates a return to office for everyone. Fortunately, I rearranged my schedule in May, allowing me some time to prepare and adapt to the so-called “New Normal“.

One of the first things I want to tackle is my sleeping habits. After enduring long hours of training and actual work for a month, I’ve been struggling to establish a consistent sleep schedule. This has resulted in daily migraines and restlessness. However, I’ve decided to temporarily cut back on coffee to facilitate a smoother transition and improve my sleep patterns.

Given my current schedule, I should ideally be sleeping around seven in the morning and waking up at two in the afternoon. However, I’ve noticed that I’ve been falling asleep at three in the morning right after I finish work. As a result, I wake up around ten in the morning. While I still manage to get seven to eight hours of sleep, having a more stable sleep schedule would be preferable.

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