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Day-off — Life Update 3

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Day-off coming up! So, life has been tough lately, and I’ve been finding it increasingly challenging to stay focused, especially when it comes to my recent post. It could be the lingering feeling of being “under the weather,” but I’ve noticed that I’ve been managing to push through and get things done both at home and at work.

However, as time goes on, I’ve been losing my motivation for various tasks, including the personal projects I had planned last year. It’s disheartening to admit that I’ve hit a roadblock and had to abandon those projects midway.

After discussing it with my best friend, we both concluded that I might be experiencing burnout. Alongside the mounting stress, I’ve also been making mistakes at work, which has led me to contemplate quitting and taking a much-needed break for a month or two. After that, I plan to start job hunting again.

Financially, I’m not struggling, but it’s beneficial to continue earning during these pandemic times. I want to build up my life savings before my partner and I tackle our visa papers once more.

Fortunately, I have the day-off today. My colleague thought it was odd to take a leave on a Wednesday, but I find it quite relaxing. It’s like having a mini four-day weekend, considering I only work for two consecutive days before the weekend arrives. Tomorrow will bring another day of stress, but for now, I can enjoy doing absolutely nothing and just lounging in bed, binge-watching Netflix.

Oh, and my birthday month is just around the corner! I need to start preparing my top 10 Isekai manhwa list again. Many of the titles I mentioned in my previous post have either concluded or will be finished around the time I share the list. I want to get everything ready before life gets hectic again.

Time to start organizing my rankings!