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Post-Quarantine Bucket List — Life Update 5

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In early 2020, words like quarantine, lockdown, social distancing, and isolation dominated our daily lives. They became so familiar as I encountered them regularly on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. During those quiet days spent inside my home, I found myself contemplating the future and what it holds. I wondered about the day when work returns to normal, and I can finally enjoy extended periods outdoors.

Even in the present day, there are still individuals who take the coronavirus very seriously, and as a result, the strict rules and regulations that were implemented years ago continue to apply to us today.

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Day-off — Life Update 3

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Day-off coming up! So, life has been tough lately, and I’ve been finding it increasingly challenging to stay focused, especially when it comes to my recent post. It could be the lingering feeling of being “under the weather,” but I’ve noticed that I’ve been managing to push through and get things done both at home and at work.

However, as time goes on, I’ve been losing my motivation for various tasks, including the personal projects I had planned last year. It’s disheartening to admit that I’ve hit a roadblock and had to abandon those projects midway.

After discussing it with my best friend, we both concluded that I might be experiencing burnout. Alongside the mounting stress, I’ve also been making mistakes at work, which has led me to contemplate quitting and taking a much-needed break for a month or two. After that, I plan to start job hunting again.

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