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Tokyo Mystery Sake — A Quick Review

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Tokyo Mystery Sake『東京怪奇酒』, I noticed this title when it got suggested after I watched “Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness” around two or three weeks ago. Then my curiosity peaked when someone asked this on discord, and since I have hours to waste while at work, I gave this series a try.

So, Tokyo Myster Sake revolves around a young actor named Yosuke Sugino, who got an offer while on his shooting break however, the catch is… it’s a lead role in a horror series named “Tokyo Horror”.

Sugino is very reluctant to do a horror series as he is scared of the horror side of things however, his manager assures him that it will rocket him from a trendy actor to an internationally famous Japanese actor (I see what you did there Netflix *wink* *wink*).

As our main character is hesitant to do the show, his manager convinced him to meet a famous horror mangaka Toru Seino on his radio show and asks about his latest work named “Tokyo Mystery Sake” or “Tokyo Taiki Sake” 『東京怪奇酒』where the main character gets drunk while hanging or investigating local folklores or haunted places so he can understand those places or the world better.

After the radio interview, Seino explains that his manga is not about ghost-hunting or fighting evil spirits – it’s about oneself or fighting inner struggles and it gives an unexplainable yet pleasant feeling while drinking Sake or beer while dealing with it. Seino suggests that if he wants to personally experience the Tokyo Mystery Sake, he should meet Chance Oshiro.

Although Sugino’s reluctance to do the show is still strong, he heads out to meet Chance and talk about his personal experience with the paranormal. After that pleasant chat inside a pretty interesting café, Chance gives him a plastic bag full of snacks and alcohol as well as the address of its previous apartment complex.

As Sugino doesn’t want to lose his TV series offer and at the same time, wanted to face his fears, he heads on to the haunted location with a bag full of snacks and booze. And the rest is history!

Spoiler Alert on Tokyo Mystery Sake

So this is the part where the plot revolves and repeats for the entire 6 episodes. It follows the short stories – horror manga formula and it quickly resolves in one episode. 

The strange part of this series is the horror stories that Sugino collects, it’s from people who do comedy, either stand-up comedians or Rakugos. It made me bewildered as it might be a local thing or “weird stories come from unexpected people” types. 

Tokyo Mystery Sake『東京怪奇酒』is not your usual horror series. It tries to lure you in with stories of folklore and hauntings and tries to build up the creepiness factor with its atmospheric shots however, the catch is there are no ghostly *that will shat your pants* figures. It is a series that you can watch if you have an hour or two to waste.

Honestly… seeing Sugino’s face every time he encounters the ghostly figures might be the scariest part of the series.

Oh! I almost forgot to mention. I enjoy the closing scene named “Lucky Dish” in which they show food that acts as protection or philosophical views for the entire staff.

It’s funny to think that a serving of round-shaped avocado Croquette with a pinch of salmon roe on top is a symbol of harmony among people or family. 

If I want to watch a horror TV anthology with all the cheesiness and clichés. I’ll rewatch “Dark Tales of Japan” or “Tales of Terror from Japan”

Well, that’s my quick review for today. I know I haven’t posted anything for a while, so I’m sorry about that. Things got busy after reading some manhwa and still recovering from my mental struggles.

Thanks for reading!