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December Blues

We’re already in the middle of December, and I must admit, my productivity has been on the decline as we approach the end of 2021. Over the past three months, my activities have mainly consisted of endless streaming and lengthy periods of sleep during the weekends. However, I’m grateful that I can still manage to handle basic daily chores and stock up on groceries every other week.

I find myself easily getting distracted from work and constantly engaging in self-reflection, often with a negative mindset. Despite having a five-day break last week, I suspect that burnout may be contributing to these feelings. Additionally, the ongoing uncertainties within my department, such as the transfer of teammates, have further dampened my work morale.

To add to the challenges, my husband and I are currently living in different countries, making it difficult to find a suitable time for quality conversations. Being 15 hours apart presents a significant hurdle, and finding a convenient middle ground has proven to be a challenge.

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