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All blog posts “with THM”. This category is not self-explanatory so I have to share some information about this category, so who the hell is “THM”? It’s my very cute waifu. This category and blog under this category mean that my waifu is with me when this adventure happened.

↝ There are some posts where his is face is somehow shown or visible, it is not my intention to show his face but I took some very good photos and it will be a waste not to show the place what we are in. Also, I’m not that sadistic, I will not show lovey-dovey photos too, that’s ‘ew’.

December Blues

We’re already in the middle of December, and I must admit, my productivity has been on the decline as we approach the end of 2021. Over the past three months, my activities have mainly consisted of endless streaming and lengthy periods of sleep during the weekends. However, I’m grateful that I can still manage to handle basic daily chores and stock up on groceries every other week.

I find myself easily getting distracted from work and constantly engaging in self-reflection, often with a negative mindset. Despite having a five-day break last week, I suspect that burnout may be contributing to these feelings. Additionally, the ongoing uncertainties within my department, such as the transfer of teammates, have further dampened my work morale.

To add to the challenges, my husband and I are currently living in different countries, making it difficult to find a suitable time for quality conversations. Being 15 hours apart presents a significant hurdle, and finding a convenient middle ground has proven to be a challenge.

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Visiting Seoul — Arcades and Street-food

In early May, my family and I returned to Seoul, South Korea, for a week-long visit. This trip was actually a revisit for us, although the original plan to attend a concert got canceled. Undeterred, we reshaped our itinerary and focused on different activities. Jacob, my significant other, was particularly excited about exploring the game arcades in Seoul, meeting up with a friend, and indulging in some delicious street food adventures in Myeongdong.

Despite the early summer forecast, we were surprised by the cool weather in Seoul, reminiscent of early spring, especially during the evenings. This contrasted with the scorching hot and humid weather we had been experiencing in the Philippines for the past two months.

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Retro Gaming Expo — Event recap

In February, we embarked on a trip down memory lane as we attended the inaugural Retro Gaming Expo. This two-day event was a nostalgic extravaganza, featuring many merchandise, sellers, exciting tournaments, and vibrant cosplay. The entire expo was a delightful madness of retro game-themed festivities.

It’s worth noting that retro gaming has already established its presence, but recently it has gained even more attention and popularity. This surge in interest could be attributed to Millennials now having the time and financial means to invest in cherished items from their childhood and expand their collections.

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Happy Birthday, Entering Big 3-0

This is a very delayed post; life got busy during my birthday month. Living in the city allowed me to celebrate my special day twice. The first celebration was a lovely Friday night date with my significant other, followed by a cozy Sunday lunch with my family.

Ironically, the day began with an excruciating migraine that persisted for several days. Thankfully, ibuprofen came to the rescue, although it made it challenging for me to concentrate at work. Even my usual cup of coffee failed to provide its usual energizing effect.

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