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All blog posts “with THM”. This category is not self-explanatory so I have to share some information about this category, so who the hell is “THM”? It’s my very cute waifu. This category and blog under this category mean that my waifu is with me when this adventure happened.

↝ There are some posts where his is face is somehow shown or visible, it is not my intention to show his face but I took some very good photos and it will be a waste not to show the place what we are in. Also, I’m not that sadistic, I will not show lovey-dovey photos too, that’s ‘ew’.

December Blues

It’s already mid-December and I’m getting more unproductive as we’re reaching the end of 2021. For the past three (3) months, I’ve done nothing except watch 24/7 streams, or sleep for almost half of my day during the weekends, luckily I still have the energy to do simple chores daily, and restock my food on a bi-weekly basis.

I easily get distracted with work and always self-reflect about my performance (mostly negative thoughts), it might be burnout despite I got 5-day work off last week. The current situation also doesn’t help since there are uncertainties about my department as we’re transferring teammates so my work morale is a bit down.

It also doesn’t help that my hubby and I are countries apart and had to talk on the “best” timezone that we’re free — 15 hours apart is tough and can’t find a decent middle ground to talk.

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We’re Getting Married!

So I’m getting married. It’s been one and a half months now (miraculously, I managed to post our Seoul trip despite my busy schedule) after receiving a lovely engagement ring from him. It just might have been the funniest proposal one could experience in their lifetime. It happened on the night of Mother’s Day, he gave me a silver Sailor Moon beauty mirror that appeared to be encasing an object.

It gave me the impression that he might have checked the contents inside before giving it to me, but upon opening it, I saw the pretty little ring.

Of course, my answer was yes, but it was a funny scene because I’m already used to his ‘Can I marry you right now?’ rhetoric (don’t worry, it’s merely an endearment) that I initially hesitated when met with a serious request for a change, but when he said ‘for realsies’, I felt that ‘finally’ moment.

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Visiting Seoul — Arcades and Street-food

At the beginning of May, my family and I returned to South Korea and revisited Seoul for the fourth time in which we stayed for almost a week. So why did we revisit Seoul yet again? — The original reason was to see a concert which unfortunately ended up getting canceled, thus we planned an entirely different set of goals for the trip, as my waifu wanted to do some game arcade-hopping around Seoul, have a quick meet up with a friend, as well as a little bit of street food-tripping in Myeongdong.

Despite the early-Summer forecast on that week, surprisingly the weather there was a bit cold, feeling akin to early Spring weather, especially at night time, unlike here in the Philippines where it has been blazing hot and humid all day for the past two months.

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Retro Gaming Expo — Event recap

February 22 and 23 was a trip back in time to relive nostalgic memories as we went to the first annual Retro Gaming Expo at Fisher Mall, QC. This is a two-day event filled with game merchandise and goodies, cosplay, casual play, and quick tournaments showcasing everything retro game-themed.

Bear in mind that retro gaming is already a thing here in the Philippines, but it seems that it only started to garner more attention and popularity in recent times, perhaps due to Millennials now having more time and money to buy stuff and do more of what they’ve loved since childhood. That said, it is still a good thing.

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