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And Life Suddenly Hits — Chapter 1

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Hey, It’s been a while! It is already mid-week of October and I’m pretty much amazed yet confused at the same as a lot of things happened within this 4-month hiatus from creating posts on this blog. So ‘And Life Suddenly Hits’ is a new blog idea and let me give you a quick run-through, my fiancé and I got married twice through a Civil and Church wedding to see both families are happy and content. 

Now, married life is a bit hard since we’re a continent apart and this making me emotionally unstable for several weeks as our communication is going from bad to sub-par.

In the meantime, I’m adjusting to my new work schedule, from 9 PM to 6 AM — staying awake is easy but getting into sleep or having a stable sleep schedule is a different thing, this also involves changing my lifestyle too. I’ve been coffee drinking for a long time now and had to switch from teas to lessen my caffeine migraines.

I’ve been trying to get active too since my system acts differently when it is nighttime as I have a slow metabolism. So a short 15-min treadmill run helps me to get relax or get my system pumping.

For something not work-related, I’m trying to find something fun and do something about self-care. A few weekends ago, I missed watching IT: Chapter 2 as it just lasted for two weeks and I kinda feel bad as I’ve watched the first movie. Anyway, I end up watching Joker and it is a good movie.

About game-related activities with life

A few weeks ago, I went back on playing Grand Theft Auto Online, honestly, the game is still fun and engaging even after the latest expansion: Diamond Casino a few weeks back; I shared several on-game photos and videos on IG. It kinda sucks though since my subscription now but I’m still deciding if I should continue until the year ends.

In the meantime, I’m about to finish with my ‘All character mastery’ run before clearing the main storyline on Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions on my PSP. After I’m done with this game, I’m thinking to continue my game for the DJMax Classiquai game.

So that’s how my life event is — pretty much hectic.