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Chapter 1

Isekai Manhwas; reading them — Volume 1

  • Manhwa

So last year, I have my usual insomnia attack and was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed when I stumbled upon an Isekai Manhwa (만화) title that has been heavily advertised for me. To be honest, I’m not a fan of the ‘Isekai’ (異世界) genre and Manhwas (만화) because it didn’t really catch my attention nor interest in those types of comics but, I do notice their gaining popularity since three years ago.

I’ve been a long-time manga reader and my usual category is ‘Josei’ (女性); its a category of manga that targets women around 18-30 years old and it contains a lot of mature content, close to real-life scenarios about relationships, career, life events and dilemmas which it is completely opposite to your typical ‘Shonen/Shoujo’ (少年/少女) categories.

Anyway, a few months have passed and since we’re on a lockdown period, my habits have changed, I’ve been reading ‘Isekai’ manhwas (Reincarnations) and found out some gems that are worth reading and it got me interested to binge-read it every weekend. Perhaps, joining a discord server feeds my cravings for this particular genre.

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Life Update — Chapter 1

  • Life

Hey, It’s been a while! It is already mid-week of October and I’m pretty much amazed yet confused at the same as a lot of things happened within this 4-month hiatus from creating posts on this blog. So ‘Life Latterly’ is a new blog idea and let me give you a quick run-through, my fiance and I got married twice through Civil and Church weddings to see both families are happy and content.

Now, married life is a bit hard since we’re a continent apart and this makes me emotionally unstable for several weeks as our communication goes from bad to sub-par.

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