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Hobbies — Slowly going back to it

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In my younger days, I was an adorable little kid with a multitude of talents and hobbies, or so I’d like to think! After school, I would dedicate my time to playing the piano and guitar, immersing myself in the melodies until my fingers could no longer bear it. On those days when music didn’t capture my interest, my dad would take me to the local pool, where I would swim laps until exhaustion set in.

And on the occasions when I sought solace within the confines of my home, I would diligently practice and refine my drawing skills. Those were days filled with endless exploration and growth.

I remember uttering those words with excitement when I was still in school, eagerly looking forward to the endless possibilities of summer. However, as I’ve grown older, my interests and hobbies have undergone a significant transformation.

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