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Hobbies — Slowly going back to it

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A long time ago, I was that adorable little kid with many talents and hobbies — kinda! I used to play piano and guitar every day after school until my fingers were too sore to continue. When I’m in the mood to do those two, my dad brings me to a local pool and makes some lapses until I get tired and ready to go home. Lastly, if I ever got bored going to a local pool, I usually stay at home and hone my drawing skills.

“I’m still at school so I can still do lots of stuff during Summer” — That’s what I said many years back. Now that I’m older, my interest and hobbies changed, opposite to what I’ve done as a kid. Nowadays, I usually waste my time playing a game, building my Gunpla boxes, or checking my DSLR kit and doing some quick maintenance.

Although I find these hobbies a great way to relieve stress, sometimes it felt like I’m splurging or wasting money because I don’t feel satisfied and I believe that I have to spend more money getting the best tools to get great results, especially with photography or any art related hobby that I’m considering picking up again — like digital drawing.

Right now, I’m considering learning a new language to kill time but I know that it studying a new language should be a full dedication — now it seems that it isn’t a fun hobby at all. So, I’m thinking about combining my photography and the Gunpla building again — I have an idea already to create a separate (or maybe rebuild) Instagram account for this. But, I am not sure if I can stick to it for a long time because I know that they don’t last long.

I am no longer a creative type of person but I think that idea will work… maybe?

Oh well~ I know it’s not always easy, but I’m trying to do something with my life so, I hope I could find a decent hobby that will bring me either permanent or temporary joy… should I just go back to reading Isekai Manhwa, or make a Game Review?