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Hobbies — Slowly going back to it

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In my younger days, I was an adorable little kid with a multitude of talents and hobbies, or so I’d like to think! After school, I would dedicate my time to playing the piano and guitar, immersing myself in the melodies until my fingers could no longer bear it. On those days when music didn’t capture my interest, my dad would take me to the local pool, where I would swim laps until exhaustion set in.

And on the occasions when I sought solace within the confines of my home, I would diligently practice and refine my drawing skills. Those were days filled with endless exploration and growth.

I remember uttering those words with excitement when I was still in school, eagerly looking forward to the endless possibilities of summer. However, as I’ve grown older, my interests and hobbies have undergone a significant transformation.

Instead of engaging in a wide range of activities, I now find myself immersed in more focused pursuits. These days, you can often find me losing track of time while engrossed in a captivating video game, meticulously assembling my collection of Gunpla models, or tending to my DSLR camera, ensuring it remains in top condition through regular maintenance. While my childhood pursuits may have evolved, my passion for exploration and enjoyment remains steadfast.”

While I indulge in these hobbies as a means to alleviate stress, there are moments when I question whether I’m overspending or squandering my resources. The desire for optimal results often tempts me to invest more money in acquiring top-of-the-line tools, particularly when it comes to pursuits such as photography or exploring digital drawing.

The belief that superior equipment will yield superior outcomes can be a driving force, leaving me with a lingering sense of dissatisfaction. Nevertheless, I recognize the importance of finding a balance between financial prudence and pursuing the activities that bring me joy and fulfillment.

Currently, I’m contemplating the idea of learning a new language as a way to occupy my time. However, I’m aware that studying a new language requires full dedication, and it no longer feels like a lighthearted hobby. As an alternative, I’m considering merging my interests in photography and Gunpla building once again. I already have a concept in mind, and I’m contemplating creating a separate Instagram account to showcase this fusion.

Yet, I have reservations about its long-term sustainability, as I’ve witnessed similar endeavors fade away over time.

Not creative anymore, but the idea might just work… maybe?

Hmm… Decisions, decisions. Should I dive back into reading Isekai Manhwa for some escapism, or should I venture into the world of game reviews? I’m on a quest to find a fulfilling hobby that brings me lasting or momentary happiness.