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DJMax Respect — Game Review

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DJMax Respect is the newest and probably the last addition to the DJMax series, released on July 2017 and published by Neowiz – formerly known as Pentavision. The base game contains 146 tracks with old songs from Portable and Portable 2 and new ones for Respect; with plans of adding more DLC songs in the future.

Even if it’s a new game, the classic gameplay modes are still present such as Arcade mode with the online ranking system for each song. Freestyle mode, same as before with 2P option. Mission mode to unlock images, notes, skins, and avatars for your profile. And lastly, Online mode where you compete with other players.

The gameplay didn’t change but some of the items got downgraded like bonus stats removed from skins, notes, and photos. They’re now purely for visual.

Not a hardcore DJMax player but I love this game

I got into this series because an old friend lent her PSP lent to me and had fun playing Portable 1 and Portable 3 for weeks. Funny thing is that I took my brother’s PSP and tried their other titles like Hot Tunes and Black Square. 

The only thing I remember playing from Black Square was that I got defeated in their Mission mode. 

After a few years, they released DJMax Technika Arcade which utilized touch-screen feature. They also released old songs from PSP versions. The killer song they have is either La Campanella Nu Rave or D3. It’s a fun game but the community is such a turn-off as some of them are very competitive and rude to new players.

I regret not buying a Platinum Crew card as a memento because the card designs are actually cool!

To wrap up DJMax Respect

So back to the game, they have already released 5 Major DLC packs and only these are so far, I’m planning to get the other titles soon:

  • Trilogy DLC Pack
  • Metro Project DLC Pack 1: Clazziquai
  • Metro Project DLC Pack 2: Technika 1

DJMax Respect is friendly for old and new players as the game is enjoyable, despite being challenging on several songs or in Mission mode.

I hope that a DJMax Global team will release a lot of songs from previous titles with constant updates too. I got the news that Technika Q will drop on March 2019.