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DJMax Respect — Game Review

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DJMax Respect is the newest addition to the DJ Max series, Released on July 28, 2017, and published by Neowiz – a former Pentavision. This game consists of 146 tracks available from DJMax Portable, Portable 2, and Respect itself; with plans of having massive additional DLC songs in other DjMax titles.

Classic gameplay modes are still present in the game such as Arcade Mode, with the usual ‘arcade’ feel and online ranking. Freestyle Mode, same as before with now 2nd player mode. Mission mode, where difficult themes are still challenging. And lastly, Online battle, that you can compete with other opponents.

Not a hardcore DJMax player but I love this game

I started playing DjMax years after Clazziquai game release and tried to advance my ‘skills’ by playing other series like Hot Tunes and Black Square, which other player knows that Black Square is the difficult title on the entire series. Despite getting smashed by Black Square, I did not improve at playing MX but playing on 6-7 stars in HD at 6B mode is tolerable for me.

There was a year that I played the DjMax Technika — Arcade series but the game is also overwhelming for me due to my stature and how glaring/bright everything is, but still, an enjoyable game; The killer song for is either La Campanella Nu Rave or D3. I didn’t buy the Platinum Crew card as I don’t play competitively, although the card designs are cool! — kinda sucks now come to think of it.

Going back to the PS4 game, as the core mechanics didn’t change and currently they’re adding some of the features that have been present on the previous title, this also includes improving the sheets and its MVs, there’s one thing that seems weird and that is the Gears and Avatar abilities.

On previous titles, Gears and Avatar abilities can make your Mission clearing bearable especially for Black Square and Hot Tunes, however on Respect they have removed this feature, and I hope they added on the next release.

So far, they have already released 5 Major DLC packs and I only these are so far, I’m planning to get the other titles soon:
Trilogy DLC Pack
Metro Project DLC Pack 1: Clazziquai
Metro Project DLC Pack 2: Technika 1

To wrap up DJMax Respect

DJMax Respect, is definitely can be played for old and new players as it is the content that is enjoyable and easy to get familiar with this game, despite being challenging on several songs or in Mission mode.

I just hope that a DJMax Global team will release a lot of songs from previous titles and constant updates too — I got the news that Technika Q will be discontinued on March 29th, 2019.