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Odin Sphere Leifthrasir — Game Review

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Odin Sphere Leifthrasir is a stunning remake of its 2007 PlayStation 2 counterpart, simply titled Odin Sphere. Fans of Vanillaware are familiar with the artistic excellence standard for their titles, from the breathtaking background and character designs to the smooth animation and gameplay to match; If you’ve played Oboro Muramasa Rebirth or Dragon’s Crown, then you know what to expect from Odin Sphere Leifthrasir.

Upon the start of the game, we’re treated to a short series of cutscenes regarding the Cauldron ownership and Titrel ring that started a war across Erion, ending with Gwyndolyn knowing of her sister’s death. After the intro, we meet a cute kid named Alice and her cat… Socrates. Likely growing bored of her room, she decides to venture up into the attic where they stumble upon the books for this story and give them a read. The story unfolds in the form of these books, starting with Book 1: Valkyrie for Gwyndolyn, then Book 2: The Pooka Prince for Cornelius, Book 3: Fairy Land for Mercedes, Book 4: The Black Sword for Oswald, Book 5: Fate for Velvet, Book 6: Armageddon for the game climax and lastly Book 7: Wheel of Fate for the game’s coveted epilogue or true ending.

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DJMax Respect — Game Review

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DJMax Respect is the newest and probably the last addition to the DJMax series, released on July 2017 and published by Neowiz – formerly known as Pentavision. The base game contains 146 tracks with old songs from Portable and Portable 2 and new ones for Respect; with plans of adding more DLC songs in the future.

Even if it’s a new game, the classic gameplay modes are still present such as Arcade mode with the online ranking system for each song. Freestyle mode, same as before with 2P option. Mission mode to unlock images, notes, skins, and avatars for your profile. And lastly, Online mode where you compete with other players.

The gameplay didn’t change but some of the items got downgraded like bonus stats removed from skins, notes, and photos. They’re now purely for visual.

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