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Moving out this November

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In a couple of weeks, we’ll be moving out from our bustling yet lively neighborhood in Makati to another vibrant area in Ortigas that offers a similar atmosphere.

During the past weekend, I organized the process of moving by pulling out four boxes containing all our belongings, including over 300 video game cartridges. The majority of these cartridges are Famicom games, which adds an exciting touch to our collection. Moving these boxes proved to be quite a challenge, and I found myself wishing my husband were here to assist me. However, he had to prioritize obtaining his license in the US before returning here.

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Life Hits — Life Update 1

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Hey, It’s been a while! Life Hits! It has been quite some time since we last connected. I can hardly believe we’re already in the middle of October, and during this four-month break from posting on this blog, so much has transpired that I find myself both amazed and perplexed.

Allow me to introduce you to ‘Life Update,’ a new concept for this blog. Let me give you a brief overview: my fiancé and I have embarked on a journey of two weddings, one civil and one church, to ensure the happiness and satisfaction of both our families.

Now, navigating married life presents its challenges as we find ourselves separated by a continent. This situation has left me emotionally unsettled for several weeks as our communication has been less than ideal, bordering on subpar.

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