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Moving out this November

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In a couple of weeks, we’ll be moving out from our bustling yet lively neighborhood in Makati to another vibrant area in Ortigas that offers a similar atmosphere.

During the past weekend, I organized the process of moving by pulling out four boxes containing all our belongings, including over 300 video game cartridges. The majority of these cartridges are Famicom games, which adds an exciting touch to our collection. Moving these boxes proved to be quite a challenge, and I found myself wishing my husband were here to assist me. However, he had to prioritize obtaining his license in the US before returning here.

Currently, I’m taking it easy, sitting in my pad and going through everything once again to ensure I haven’t left behind any games or other items that I didn’t pack earlier. I’m also in the process of sorting things out and selling some of my belongings, as carrying them all would be quite cumbersome.

It’s amusing how my husband and I stayed in Makati 2 ½ years ago, and now these boxes are accompanying me as I return to my hometown for a month before moving again to my oldest brother’s previous apartment.

This cycle of packing, moving, and settling into new places can be exhausting, requiring immediate adjustments, especially with my daily commute, which plays a significant role.

Fortunately, my parents lent a hand last weekend, as I was unsure how I would manage to transport these boxes back to my hometown. Their assistance was greatly appreciated.

I hope that the next time I go through this process, it will be when we’re finally heading to the US to settle down and start our family there. This additional step often leaves me feeling lonely. Nevertheless, that’s a topic to be addressed in the near future.

For now, it’s time for some much-needed rest after moving out.