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Habits that I got over time

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Habits are fascinating aspects of our lives, shaping our routines and reflecting our preferences. Some habits serve us well, while others may hinder our progress. By becoming aware of our habits, we gain the power to change them and create positive shifts in our lives.

Lately, I’ve realized I have some really weird habits. And you know what? When I told my friends about them, they were like, “Oh my gosh, I do that too!” It’s crazy how we all have these quirks. So, I thought it would be fun to make a list of these hilarious behaviors.

Here are a few of my quirky behaviors:

  • Engaging in imaginary arguments in my mind, where I always come out as the victor. I must admit, this habit is one I desperately wish to abandon. Arguments aren’t my cup of tea unless they’re light-hearted and purely for amusement. Occasionally, I do enjoy engaging in intellectual debates, but more often than not, they leave me feeling utterly drained.
  • Experiencing the phenomenon of thinking of brilliant responses long after a conversation has ended. It never fails. Hours after engaging in a discussion, while lying in bed, a flood of witty retorts and well-articulated arguments floods my mind. Unfortunately, the timing is always fashionably late.
  • Discovering an unconscious tendency to wrinkle my nose on numerous occasions. This realization struck me unexpectedly when I decided, for reasons I won’t disclose, to record a video of myself. To my astonishment, I noticed that I would wrinkle my nose approximately ten times per minute. Admittedly, this particular facial expression primarily stems from my perpetual struggle to keep my glasses in place. Alas, my spectacles have an uncanny knack for incessantly sliding down, and in my laziness, I resorted to this unconventional method of readjustment.
  • Ah, the fickleness of my musical preferences. I find myself falling head over heels for a particular song, only to lose interest within a matter of days. It’s no jest, my friends. My musical inclinations undergo a complete metamorphosis on a daily basis. Today, I may fervently adore a melody, only to cast it aside with disinterest tomorrow, only to rediscover my affection for it at a later date. It’s an ever-changing cycle of musical caprice.
  • In my valiant attempt to refrain from using profanity, I impose a strict rule upon myself. However, I must confess that this code of conduct conveniently gets overlooked when I passionately sing songs that happen to contain colorful language. In those fleeting moments, my inhibitions dissipate, and I become a temporary devotee to artistic expression, albeit laced with expletives.
  • Like, um, oh, the frequency with which I incorporate the word “like” into my sentences is rather remarkable. It’s a linguistic habit that has stealthily embedded itself within my vocabulary. From expressing enthusiasm (“Like, this is so cool!”) to conveying preferences (“Like, I’d totally get this product”), and even voicing my exasperation (“Like, I’m tired of using this word”), the word “like” seems to permeate my speech with tenacious persistence.

So there you have it, an enlightening glimpse into the peculiarities or habits that reside within me. It’s comforting to know that amidst this tapestry of eccentricities, I’m not alone.

After all, it is these oddities that make us delightfully human and add a touch of whimsy to our lives. So, dear reader, I encourage you to reflect on your own amusing habits and embrace them with a sense of humor.