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We’re Getting Married!

So I’m getting married. It’s been one and a half months now (miraculously, I managed to post our Seoul trip despite my busy schedule) after receiving a lovely engagement ring from him. It just might have been the funniest proposal one could experience in their lifetime. It happened on the night of Mother’s Day, he gave me a silver Sailor Moon beauty mirror that appeared to be encasing an object.

It gave me the impression that he might have checked the contents inside before giving it to me, but upon opening it, I saw the pretty little ring.

Of course, my answer was yes, but it was a funny scene because I’m already used to his ‘Can I marry you right now?’ rhetoric (don’t worry, it’s merely an endearment) that I initially hesitated when met with a serious request for a change, but when he said ‘for realsies’, I felt that ‘finally’ moment.

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