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Cleaning. I can’t believe it’s been a year

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As I sit here, watching the news and realizing that a lockdown will be imposed again tomorrow, I can’t believe it’s been a year since I moved into this place. This time last year, I was tirelessly cleaning the flat, removing cobwebs and molds. The bathroom was particularly disgusting and made me cringe. It’s astonishing how messy some people can be.

However, I can’t complain too much since my brother and sister-in-law were the previous tenants, and this is an old unit. With a little bit of furniture and a thorough deep cleaning, things can surprisingly look decent. Well, except for the sinks. I can’t understand why they clog up so quickly, even after using hydrochloric acid. I suspect it’s due to how the pipes are aligned.

So far, the only issue I’ve encountered in the living or bedroom is the bed. The mainframe is weak because the middle stand is missing. Luckily, I have spare wood and nails to fill up that dreadful space. Another problem in the living/bedroom is the limited number of functional main plugs. Out of the six, only two are working properly, so I have to rely on extensions, which I keep tripping over multiple times.

Taking care of the mold in the bathroom and small kitchen has been made easier with the use of my trusted cleaning brands. Scrubbing away the mold is now a breeze, saving me precious time from spending 6 hours to just 10 minutes. I’ve been purchasing these cleaning liquids multiple times for regular cleaning and maintenance. Thankfully, the bathroom is not entirely neglected, but there are still molds in hard-to-reach places. Judging by how black they are, it seems they hadn’t been cleaned for six months to a year. I’m grateful that these cleaning products are effective in tackling the problem.

When it comes to furniture, I try to keep it minimal as I don’t own this place and I have plans to move out of the country in the future. This is the cheapest rental option available to me at the moment, and it was also the easiest to move into since I have a close relationship with the room owner (heh). I aim for a minimalistic vibe to create a sense of simplicity and ease in this temporary home, unlike my previous place.

It took me two days to complete the cleaning process since I had to go back and forth between my previous place and this new one to move my belongings. Moving can be quite a hassle, as I have to bring everything with me. I only have two pieces of luggage: one for clothes and the other for electronics. Additionally, I had to carry two 10-kilo boxes of game cartridges that my husband left behind, but thankfully that has been taken care of, and now I only have one box remaining.

Looking back, the cleaning process wasn’t as bad as I anticipated. It turned out to be the easiest clean-up I’ve ever had to do. The most horrifying experience was when I first stayed in a two-bedroom unit with no electricity but running water. Fortunately, about four to five people were helping with the cleaning. As I recall those messy memories and the countless times we had to shout due to the mess they created, I can’t help but feel a deep resentment toward them.

Anyway, this post is a bit different from my usual Manhwa posts. I initially planned to write about manhwas, but I decided that sharing a personal post would be quicker. It’s been a while since I last sat down and wrote anything, despite so much happening in my life since 2021. I do want to get back into the habit of posting more frequently, but I’m not sure if I have the motivation for it at the moment.

Perhaps, if I end up moving again and find myself in a room that needs cleaning, then maybe I’ll have the opportunity to sit down and rant about my new place. Hah! We’ll just have to wait and see.