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Retro Gaming Expo — Event recap

February 22 and 23 was a trip back in time to relive nostalgic memories as we went to the first annual Retro Gaming Expo at Fisher Mall, QC. This is a two-day event filled with game merchandise and goodies, cosplay, casual play, and quick tournaments showcasing everything retro game-themed.

Bear in mind that retro gaming is already a thing here in the Philippines, but it seems that it only started to garner more attention and popularity in recent times, perhaps due to Millennials now having more time and money to buy stuff and do more of what they’ve loved since childhood. That said, it is still a good thing.

So what did we see at the Retro Gaming Expo?

These are the sections that we have seen around the expo hall, specifically the highlights of the event:

There is a gallery in the middle of the hall, showcasing several notable consoles arranged chronologically. It is cool to see everything nicely placed in a single layout, alongside their various respective upgrades. It is also worthy of note that these consoles were picked straight from the collections of merchants and event organizers alike.

Retro Merchants, LOTS OF THEM

As expected, half of the expo hall is filled with sellers and their massive amount of items to unload. There are countless Nintendo and Sega consoles, cartridges, and other goodies.

As far as I can remember, if I have money to burn during this event, there’s a chance that I might collect Sega consoles of all generations, as well as popular Famicom games, some of which may be missing the box, unlike my partner’s collection.

There are also rare items that are being sold for cheap, which would be profitable if resold internationally. Unfortunately, those sold out quickly during the early hours of the event. Since our two-day stay in the expo, the most expensive stuff that I witnessed were various Limited Edition/Deluxe console sets, costing around 30k PHP.

Free Play Areas

Of course, to relive our nostalgic memories, the event provides a free play area where you can play several games with your friends, families, partners, or even a random stranger.

Gamers can easily come and go and if you have cartridges or consoles that you bought over at the Merchant area, you can quickly test it here. Additionally, brief 20-man tournaments were held for several competitive games, including Super Street Fighter II and Mario Kart.

So, this is to end what we’ve seen at Retro Gaming Expo, and we are hoping to see them again in the future. You can check their Facebook page @RGX2019 to see future events!