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Retro Gaming Expo — Event recap

In February, we embarked on a trip down memory lane as we attended the inaugural Retro Gaming Expo. This two-day event was a nostalgic extravaganza, featuring many merchandise, sellers, exciting tournaments, and vibrant cosplay. The entire expo was a delightful madness of retro game-themed festivities.

It’s worth noting that retro gaming has already established its presence, but recently it has gained even more attention and popularity. This surge in interest could be attributed to Millennials now having the time and financial means to invest in cherished items from their childhood and expand their collections.

So what did we see at the Expo?

Within the expo hall, we encountered several noteworthy sections. One that stood out was the gallery situated in the center, presenting a chronological display of console games. It piqued my curiosity to learn that these games were handpicked from the personal collections of the event organizers themselves.

As anticipated, a significant portion of the expo hall was occupied by enthusiastic sellers showcasing an abundance of items for sale. The array of Nintendo and Sega consoles, cartridges, and various goodies seemed endless. I couldn’t help but jest to my significant other that if I had half of my salary, I might have amassed a collection of Sega consoles and Famicom games. It was particularly enjoyable to stumble upon some nostalgic PSOne and PSTwo items as well.

In addition, there were a few rare items available at slightly lower prices than their market value, but unfortunately, they were quickly snatched up within the first few hours of the event.

It’s no surprise considering their potential profitability for resale. Throughout our two-day visit, the most expensive items I came across were various Limited Edition or Deluxe console sets priced around $500.

The third section of the event is the Free Play area, offering a chance to try out the cartridges you’ve purchased and test them right on the spot. It’s also a great opportunity to engage in multiplayer battles like Street Fighter 2 or enjoy cooperative gaming experiences with titles such as Streets of Rage or Contra.

Unfortunately, we missed out on the trivia contest as it took place exclusively on the first day of the event.

Anyway, it was a chill gaming expo and we had fun.

So, this is to end what we’ve seen at Retro Gaming Expo, and we are hoping to see them again in the future. You can check their Facebook page @RGX2019 to see future events!