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Mental exhaustion

Mental exhaustion, a very slow recovery

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It has been over a year since the start of this extended lockdown, and I have been living alone in this small space that I call home for quite some time now. Typically, when I feel tired from work or being out and about, taking a rest is my go-to solution, allowing me to recharge and prepare for the tasks and responsibilities awaiting me the following day. However, there are moments when everything feels more challenging than usual.

Yup. Exhaustion.

Mental exhaustion has become an all-too-familiar experience, particularly in the current times. Initially, I mistook it for mere tiredness, but it took me over three months to fully grasp that it was something more. I found myself unable to concentrate on my work or any activities that used to bring me joy. My passion for playing games vanished, and I constantly felt frustrated and angry in my interactions with others. To make matters worse, my recurring disorder, Trichotillomania, resurfaced sporadically, adding to the challenges I faced.

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