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Hobbies — Slowly going back to it

  • Life

In my younger days, I was an adorable little kid with a multitude of talents and hobbies, or so I’d like to think! After school, I would dedicate my time to playing the piano and guitar, immersing myself in the melodies until my fingers could no longer bear it. On those days when music didn’t capture my interest, my dad would take me to the local pool, where I would swim laps until exhaustion set in.

And on the occasions when I sought solace within the confines of my home, I would diligently practice and refine my drawing skills. Those were days filled with endless exploration and growth.

I remember uttering those words with excitement when I was still in school, eagerly looking forward to the endless possibilities of summer. However, as I’ve grown older, my interests and hobbies have undergone a significant transformation.

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Isekai Manhwa, been reading — Volume 2

  • Manhwa

I’ve noticed that many of the Isekai manhwas I shared last year have either concluded or are reaching their final chapters. It’s been a busy few months for me with work and my personal project, so I only just realized this.

With everything changing rapidly, I find solace in reading my favorite manhwas as a way to de-stress. So, I’m excited to share nine (9) more titles with you. Let’s dive in and explore these captivating worlds together!

It’s quite surprising to see the abundance of recently released Isekai genres. Perhaps it’s due to the discord server I’m a part of, where the scanlation team is particularly focused on these genres. Regardless, I’ve come across some intriguing titles that have caught my attention. I hope they will be translated in the coming months or the near future. I must mention that a few of these titles are centered around villainess Isekai stories rather than romance, so consider this a heads-up. Stay tuned for more updates!

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