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I’ll Become the Tyrant’s Tutor

Promotional Isekai Manhwas — Volume 1

  • Manhwa

So I’m back and for this month I’ll be sharing more Isekai Manhwas that are promotional or one-shot titles. Honestly, I’ve read several titles more after I made my last post however things just got busy — balancing life, work, and discord stuff so I end up stacking all the one-shot manhwa. 

So why promotional or one-shots again, to be frank, they are interesting just like an ongoing promotional Manhwa title, and also there’s a novel been popping out lately so they’re just really waiting for an artist to properly transform it to Manhwa or, they’re already released but no scanlations group want to pick it up. So here are some of these titles that are focused on promotional Isekai manhwa titles with a little bit of romance and adoption genre, so a few heads-ups.

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