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Happy Halloween! Finally, the last day of October is here and November is going to roll in a few hours.

So, how’s everyone so far? I am pretty much sure that everyone is celebrating their kind of “Trick ‘o Treat” with their families or coworkers. Western-style of “Trick ‘o Treat” just kind of started very recently, we don’t knock on neighbor’s doors or bring kids to the office to celebrate — our tradition before is to cook all day so we have a potluck for the next day as its a family gathering and try to reminisce or remember our dead loved ones by visiting their graves and just stay there until Sundown.

As we know that November 1 is the day when the border between this world and the underworld somehow gets thin or merging thus allowing spirits, both harmful and not to pass through, that is why people visit their graves just to let their dead loved ones see that they’re there and celebrating with them, even if they don’t see them.

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