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Dreams as I get older

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Childhood dreams are whimsical and filled with wonder. They can sometimes become a reality, but more often than not, they remain distant fantasies. Dreams serve as a means for our subconscious to process life’s experiences and comprehend the world we inhabit. They can ignite our imagination, offering inspiration and a temporary escape from the ordinary realities of our existence.

As a child, I never had any specific dreams or aspirations. In an Asian household, however, there was an underlying expectation for me to pursue a career in medicine or a scientific field. It felt almost inevitable. Naturally, I put effort into excelling in those subjects.

However, my interests took an unexpected turn during my final year of high school. I spent countless hours that summer in front of the computer, exploring programming, and Photoshop, and even indulging in playing Sims 2. It was a significant shift from what was expected of me.

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