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And Life Suddenly Hits

And Life Suddenly Hits — Chapter 3

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Life hits and it is getting harder for me to focus on for some months now, especially my last post and I have no idea why. I assume that it’s my being “under the weather” feeling but I noticed that I’ve been semi-OK doing things lately both doing things at home and at work. As months passed, the more I lose my drive to stuff and it was going down the hill, especially my personal projects that I planned last year — I am in the middle of completing it but I stopped and dropped with the project.

Consulted my bestie for this and we both agreed that it might be burnout and add fuel to my stress, I’m also making mistakes at work so I am reconsidering quitting and taking a month or two rest then go job hunting after that. I don’t have issues with money but it’s nice to earn something while we’re still on a pandemic so I need to build up my life savings before my waifu and I fix our visa papers again.

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And Life Suddenly Hits — Chapter 2

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Oh wow, it’s been months now since I posted something here; to be honest, life hits again and got busy right after 2019 ends. A lot of things happened but first things first, I’ve changed my layout again to a much simpler one and I hope I could stick to it until the end of 2020.

So back to the topic; around January my brother gave me his keys to his old apartment, luckily my parents help me to do general cleaning so I can move in and start living by myself again and so far, feels like the same while when I was in Makati and no more annoying train horns too!

So moving forward, last month was February, and still adjusting to living alone as I only have a microwave to cook food but mostly it is all instant ramen. I know it is not healthy but I’m getting free food at work anyway.

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