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Promotional Isekai Manhwas — Volume 1

  • Manhwa

I’m back, and this month I have more Isekai Manhwas to share with you. These are promotional or one-shot titles that I’ve come across. I’ve read several more since my last post, but life has been busy with work and other Discord activities, so I ended up accumulating a stack of one-shot manhwas.

You might be wondering why I’m focusing on promotional or one-shot titles again. Well, to be honest, they are quite interesting, just like ongoing promotional Manhwa titles. Additionally, some novels have been gaining attention lately, and fans are eagerly waiting for them to be properly transformed into Manhwa. In some cases, these titles have already been released, but no scanlation group has picked them up yet. So, in this post,

I’ll be highlighting some of these promotional Isekai manhwas with a touch of romance and adoption genres. Keep an eye out for these exciting titles!

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