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2021: The Full Recap

  • Life

As 2021 comes to a close, I find myself reflecting on the past year while enjoying a plate of delicious omelet. Despite spending most of my time indoors, there have been some memorable and eventful moments throughout the months. One notable experience was my almost successful attempt at getting a pet, but unfortunately, it didn’t work out due to some pending house rules.

Fitness & Health
  • In light of the unexpected weight loss I experienced in 2020, I made a decision to continue my efforts and strive for further weight loss this year. I’m delighted to share that I have successfully shed an additional 10 pounds. However, the journey hasn’t been easy, especially with my schedule changing every quarter. Maintaining consistency has proven to be crucial in my weight loss endeavors.
  • I’m currently seeking assistance in my weight loss journey. To aid me in achieving my goals, I have incorporated the use of various apps to track my exercise routine and practice Intermittent Fasting. So far, I have been successful in implementing IF into my routine, and now my focus is on establishing a schedule for utilizing the stationary bikes I purchased earlier this year.
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