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Tokyo Mystery Sake — A Quick Review

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Tokyo Mystery Sake『東京怪奇酒』, I noticed this title when it got suggested after I watched “Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness” around two or three weeks ago. Then my curiosity peaked when someone asked this on discord, and since I have hours to waste while at work, I gave this series a try.

So, Tokyo Myster Sake revolves around a young actor named Yosuke Sugino, who got an offer while on his shooting break however, the catch is… it’s a lead role in a horror series named “Tokyo Horror”.

Sugino is very reluctant to do a horror series as he is scared of the horror side of things however, his manager assures him that it will rocket him from a trendy actor to an internationally famous Japanese actor (I see what you did there Netflix *wink* *wink*).

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