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Grand Theft Auto V — Game Review

Grand Theft Auto V, the latest installment in the renowned Grand Theft Auto series, was initially released in September 2013 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It later made its way to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One the following year. As with its predecessors, Grand Theft Auto V offers an M-rated action-packed experience, immersing players in a vast open-world environment teeming with a myriad of activities. Exploring the entire map alone could take you hours of gameplay.

The game’s narrative revolves around three distinct protagonists whose lives unexpectedly intertwine during a seemingly straightforward repossession job. As the story unfolds, they find themselves entangled in a web of violence, seeking revenge against those who wronged them.

Franklin, a young member of The Families gang in downtown Los Santos, comes to realize that the gang lifestyle has limited prospects and strives to improve his circumstances. Michael, a retired bank robber, grapples with a failing marriage and a strained relationship with his family, finding solace only through regular therapy sessions. Lastly, there’s Trevor, a flamboyantly unhinged and psychopathic criminal hailing from Canada—although he is much more than just that. His volatile nature and uninhibited aggression make him a stark contrast to the other two protagonists, adding an extra layer of complexity to the storyline.

It’s the small things that complete this experience.

Grand Theft Auto V became the second game in my PlayStation 4 collection, marking my introduction to the series. Despite hearing the persistent hype surrounding the franchise since the days of Grand Theft Auto Liberty/Vice City Stories, I had never personally experienced it. While my brother had acquired an old copy of what I vaguely recall as Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for the PlayStation 2, I never found the opportunity to dive into it myself.

It was only after following a group of streamers I admire, 4PP, that I decided to purchase the game. They mentioned Rockstar’s inclusion of an Easter Egg referencing the Scooter Brother cut scene they had created during their playthrough of Grand Theft Auto IV years ago.

As I embarked on my journey with Grand Theft Auto V, I found myself immersed in hours of engaging cut scenes, completing missions, and executing meticulously planned heists. While initially, the simple convenience store robberies were a breeze, the difficulty increased as the story progressed, compelling me to undertake complex heist missions involving all three playable characters. Each protagonist had their own unique set of tasks, contributing to the completion of these intricate missions.

Initially, I found the most enjoyment in escape or driving-focused missions, where skillful maneuvering took precedence over sharpshooting abilities. However, as the story unfolded, my perspective shifted, and I began to appreciate the game’s intricate narrative even more.

Grand Theft Auto V’s story takes place in the contemporary world, skillfully satirizing modern culture and economics with a delightfully outrageous touch. Every moment of the game brims with satire, cleverly referencing current celebrities, politics, social groups, and even its target audience: the gamers themselves. This satirical approach infuses the game with a unique humor that is both entertaining and thought-provoking.

To enhance the replay value, Grand Theft Auto V offers an array of engaging side missions. These include thrilling dirt bike challenges, exhilarating aircraft hijacks, and unexpected shootouts with both the police and even hipster cliques. These side missions add an extra layer of excitement and variety to the gameplay experience.

However, amidst the game’s comedic and over-the-top nature, there is a slight drawback in terms of storyline clarity. With the focus on three protagonists, frequently switching between them can sometimes lead to confusion regarding their individual character development. While Rockstar attempted to provide some explanation of their backstories, it was done in a somewhat lazy and minimalistic manner, primarily through text messages and emails, with the main storyline receiving more attention and depth.

This game offers a wide range of immersive mini-games that provide additional entertainment within the game. These include activities such as arm wrestling, tennis, racing, yoga, hiking, flying school, golfing, cycling, hunting, and diving. Each character has their own set of specific mini-games tailored to their personality and interests. For example, Trevor can embark on thrilling hunting adventures, Michael can engage in intense tennis matches, and Franklin can participate in exhilarating drag races. These diverse mini-games add countless hours of gameplay and further enrich the overall experience.

The game’s environment, particularly the portrayal of San Andreas in GTA V, truly captures the essence of a bustling, living city. Each location has its unique pedestrian spawns, and the ambiance seamlessly adapts to its surroundings. Whether you’re exploring the vibrant streets of Los Santos or venturing into the rural landscapes of Blaine County, the atmosphere changes accordingly, immersing you in distinct settings and weather conditions. This attention to detail makes driving through the state an incredibly enjoyable and even therapeutic experience.

To wrap up Grand Theft Auto

Overall, Grand Theft Auto V is a vibrant and satirical game that sets itself apart from its predecessor, Grand Theft Auto IV. It offers a thrilling and unpredictable experience where you can embark on ambitious endeavors that are both achievable and sometimes contradictory. The game constantly blurs the line between possibilities and limitations, adding to its allure.

As someone who was not initially drawn to open-world games, Grand Theft Auto V proved to be a game-changer for me. It opened a whole new world of exploration and excitement, pushing the boundaries of what I thought was possible in a video game. The freedom to roam, engage in various activities, and experience the game’s dynamic environment has captivated my interest and introduced me to the immense potential of the genre.