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2021: The Full Recap

  • Life

2021 is already ending. I’m sitting here, eating a plate of omelet, and decided to make “Recap” posts. Despite being cooped up in my place for a year, there are some quite eventful months — I almost got myself a pet but only got disappointed due to pending house rules.

Fitness & Health

  • Due to my weird weight loss that happened in 2020 so this year, I decided to go further and try to lose more weight. I am happy that I lose another 10 pounds but the journey is really hard as my schedule changes quarterly so consistency is important.
  • So help me to lose weight. I am using apps to help me exercise and do Intermittent Fasting. So far so good at doing IF and now I just need to build a schedule on using the stationary bikes that I bought this year.
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December Blues

It’s already mid-December and I’m getting more unproductive as we’re reaching the end of 2021. For the past three (3) months, I’ve done nothing except watch 24/7 streams, or sleep for almost half of my day during the weekends, luckily I still have the energy to do simple chores daily, and restock my food on a bi-weekly basis.

I easily get distracted with work and always self-reflect about my performance (mostly negative thoughts), it might be burnout despite I got 5-day work off last week. The current situation also doesn’t help since there are uncertainties about my department as we’re transferring teammates so my work morale is a bit down.

It also doesn’t help that my hubby and I are countries apart and had to talk on the “best” timezone that we’re free — 15 hours apart is tough and can’t find a decent middle ground to talk.

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