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New Normal finally starts in 2022

  • Life

Second-quarter of 2022 kicks off with my government is forcing everyone to go back to office. Luckily I moved my schedule in May so, I still have time to prepare myself to adjust to the so-called “New Normal“.

The first thing that I want to fix is my sleeping habits — After I went through 16 hours of attending training and doing my actual work for a month, I’m having a hard time getting a stable sleep schedule. As a result, migraines and restlessness are a daily occurrence. Luckily, I’m ditching coffee in the meantime to make this transition easier.

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Major Change. Had to make 180°

  • Life

So this is a major change I’ve done on the blog. 

After the last post I made for 2021, I had an epiphany regarding my main domain and the subdomain that I built for a personal blog. Honestly, I had that uneasy feeling since day one — like an “oh no” moment and my subconscious is telling me that I have to transfer them to another subdomain that has no connection to the main domain. 

Luckily, backup exists, and transferring them to another subdomain made it quicker, so it took me 8 documentary videos and three cups of coffee to make everything up again but there’s one thing that I need to drop on my posts.

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