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Promotional Isekai Manhwas — Volume 2

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As summer approaches and the holidays come to an end, I’m excited to share more promotional or one-shot Isekai Manhwas with you. It’s good to get back to my usual routine of reading these captivating stories, even though finding the right balance during the holidays can be challenging. But let’s not get into all the details of my life story here.

Looking at this list, I realize it might be the longest one yet, as some of these promotional Isekai Manhwas focus on the protagonist’s attempt to alter the course of the novel’s storyline. Personally, I find this sub-genre intriguing, as these new heroines are completely unaware that they’ve already changed the story.

I’m surprised that there are a lot of promotional Isekai genres that’s been released lately… or maybe it’s the discord server that I’m in since the scanlations team is focused on those genres. Anyhow, I found some promotional titles that pique my interest, and hopefully, they will be translated after a couple of months or in the future; note that some of these promotional titles are focused on villainess Isekai titles rather than romance, so a few heads up.

1 — I Raised an Obsessive Servant (집착 서브 남주를 키웠습니다)
  • Our protagonist, Senna died on one snowy December and was reborn as Yurina Cartia, who is a villainess in a very well-known novel where she died at the hands of Carion, the second male lead adopted by the heroine’s father to win the heart of the heroine. Waking up as 10-year-old Yurin and determine to avoid the same death in the novel, she decides to find Carion and adopt him instead and tries to raise him as a good servant — few years have passed and everything went smoothly however Yurina’s birthday, she realized that she’s raised, one obsessive man.
2 — Trivial Extra in a Dating Sim (미연시게임 속 하찮은 엑스트라)
  • Our Protagonist in the middle of her part-time job at the library decides to play a dating sim game named ‘Midnight’, choosing the rumored flawed protagonist and her preferred love interest, only to find out that she will be inside the game upon waking up. Playing as Evenes Harin the Saint, she received an in-game notification suggesting to pursue one of the five male protagonists and achieve a happy ending in order to complete the game.
3 — Don’t Concern Yourself With That Book (책에 마음을 주지 마세요)
  • Our protagonist wakes up in the novel named “Light of the Rosebella” as Ashely Kalania where the character ends up dying at the hands of her brother. Being reincarnated as the side character and still adjusting to her new life, she found a diary predicting her death after a week. She died as the book mentioned however she wakes up and realized she’s in a horrible loop and tries to avoid her execution — at her second week, she decides to act stupid, and that it spared her from being executed. Finding out the flaw of the novel, she tries to get out of her tyrannical brother and break the secrets of the diary.
4 — Suddenly I Decided to Become the Female Lead (홧김에 여주가 되어 보려 합니다)
  • Our unnamed protagonist reads about a romance novel between the reincarnated heroine and the Crown Prince and mentions the villain accomplice named Rubia, born with the golden touch but later dies as a scapegoat as she’s involved in all the villainess crimes. Being reborn as Rudia and wanting to avoid the same fate in the novel, she tries to avoid setting up the villainess to the Crown Prince but her odds are getting slim. While plotting her next plan, she got overly drunk and met the Crown Prince — also realizing that she might be the reincarnated heroine.
5 — The Lady Is a Stalker (스토커 공녀)
  • Our heroine wakes in up a novel where she is reborn as Serabi de Purineus who is obsessed with the Crown Prince but miserably got executed in the novel. To survive, she tries to lift the mood but it only makes things worse so she decides to stop chasing the Crown Prince. Things suddenly changed and noticed his different attitude and treatment towards her, it comes to a point where even she’s not allowed to get married to someone else — as she tries to stay away from the Crown Prince, she notices his very tsundere attitude of his.
6 — I Will Seduce the Northern Duke (북부 공작님을 유혹하겠습니다)
  • Selena was the alluring actress however she got into a filming accident where she got transported to another world, meeting Kalcion. To survive in the new world and return to her original world, Selena accepts Kalcion’s offer to be her lover to catch his unknown assassin. While the act has its rough start since Kalcion doesn’t know affection and attitude toward a female, things changed as the acting improved over time but it made Selena worried if it’s all an act or if he develops feelings for her.
7 — Emilone’s Temptation Labyrinth (에밀로네의 유혹 미궁)
  • Our protagonist wakes up in another dimension being a saintess who can hear the voice of God, and accidentally discovered Princess Ronella’s secrets and that her loving nature is all an act. Interested and wanting to get closer to the Princess to break her boring routine, she got invited to a banquet for a hunting competition by the Crown Prince. It seems to be a dangerous kind of fun investigating Princess Ronella’s act and the premonition about a demon appearing in the said event.
8 — I Adopted a Villainous Dad (악당아빠를입양했다)
  • Our protagonist wakes up in a novel where the heroine becomes a saint who had experienced hardship before getting the title. As she wants to avoid that and wants to get an easy life, she plans on getting away however she met the villain in the book in the middle of the woods and suggests adopting her. Things are going well until she met the hero of the novel that would kill his father. Finding out that he has feelings for her, things got even more confusing as her type is middle-aged men and has no interest in the male lead in the novel.
9 — For My Hero (나의 영웅을 위하여)
  • Our unnamed heroine wakes up in one of her favorite novels and realized that her husband didn’t reciprocate any feeling from her, believing that he fell in love because she’s the heroine in the novel. While still mourning her dead husband she wished to bring him back, only to send her to the beginning where she and her husband first met and tries to win him over/pursue his heart to be able to achieve her plan, making her “future” husband happy and reciprocated her feeling back to him before he met his fated death in the novel.
10 — The Obsessive Second Male Lead Has Gone Wild (집착 서브 남주가 미쳐날뛴다)
  • Our protagonist transmitted into the novel as Rurutia Brucke, where she remembers the events of being abused by her father and getting poisoned due to an unfaithful husband after her marriage. To survive the novel and an awful marriage, she decides to kiss the priest in front of her, then later discovers he’s not a man of God but he’s the commander of the Holy Knights, Kanashel. Rurutia, confused as her only goal was to avoid getting murdered and now being congratulated by Kanashel’s knights

So that’s my new promotional Isekai Manhwas titles that I’ve read for this month! I know there are more interesting promotional titles but for now, I’m focusing on the current manhwas that I enjoyed right now.