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Isekai Manhwa, been reading them — Volume 2

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A lot of Isekai manhwas that I posted last year are already finished or just a few chapters from ending so I’m going to list nine (9) more titles. I got busy for months now with work and with my project, that’s why I just realized it recently.

Things are changing very swiftly and I’m losing grip on things so my way to de-stress is to read my usual manhwas.

I’m surprised that there are a lot of Isekai genres that’s been released lately… or maybe it’s the discord server that I’m in since the scanlations team is focused on those genres. Anyhow, I found some titles that pique my interest, and hopefully, they will be translated after a couple of months or in the future; note that some of these titles are focused on villainess Isekai titles rather than romance, so a few heads up.

I believe I am reading more than 20 Isekai manhwas right now. These manhwas still focus on Isekai with the Villainess genre. I doubt I will get tired reading these but I noticed that I have been a picky reader.

1 — A Wicked Tale of Cinderella’s Stepmom (신데렐라를 곱게 키웠습니다)
  • Our protagonist transferred into one of the famous novels however not as Cinderalla but as the well-known stepmother, Mildred Vans. Transmigrated at age 37 with three children that she needs to take care of while keeping their household afloat. Her ultimate goal is to make sure that her daughters will have a nice life and a loving family.
  • Story so far: After the masquerade ball, the Vans family with Baron Wilford and Leon enjoy watching the Opera. Lily had an unexpected encounter with a newly gained friend, Marcia, and later with Lord Casey.
2 — I Became the Wife of the Male Lead (내 남자 주인공의 아내가 되었다)
  • Our unfortunate main character got transmigrated to the novel called “The Emperor and the Saintess” as the novel’s “Final Boss” named Fiona Green. Funny enough, she’s the novel creator. She tries to avoid the novel’s bad ending however, her family sends her away to serve the Duke of the Northern Front Line so, to survive living in a horrible place, she tries to be the world’s greatest mage and retire early while enjoying her vast fortune.
  • Story so far: While at the ball, Fiona sees Livia Priscilla, the novel’s main love rival being harassed by the Crown Prince, and to save her in such an embarrassing event. She tries to save her and it seems like it’s a start of a good friendship between these femme fatales?
3 — I Became the Tyrant’s Secretary (폭군의 비서관이 되었습니다)
  • Our protagonist is an ordinary secretary in some company where celebrating a lovely night when she is transported to a novel named “Taming a Tyrant’s Heart” by Rosalyn Beryt. She tries to kill herself using various methods however she ends up perfectly fine the next day. Now, to survive in the novel and save her family, especially her clumsy brother from getting executed at the hands of the Tyrant, she volunteers herself to be his secretary.
  • Story so far: As Empress selection is still in process with the Queen interfering with the process, the male lead is pressuring Rosalyn to be his Queen. Although Rosalyn knows that the female lead’s attitude and behavior are the opposite in the novel, she’s still deciding if she should take the proposal or not.
4 — I’m the Male Lead’s Female Friend (남자주인공의 여자사람친구입니다)
  • Our protagonist is a student who’s having a shabby life and wishes to have a better life and be loved just like every female lead in the novels she read named “Fake Lovers of the Academy”. However, upon waking up, she became “Lousie Sweeney” the most hated villainess. To avoid getting the tragic end she must stop getting involved with the prince.
  • Story so far: All the trials and tribulations at the academy are finally done. Louise realized that she’s no longer living in the novel and looking forward to her future what brings especially with the male lead.
6 — The Pet of the Villainess (악녀의 애완동물)
  • Our protagonist met a sad fate with truck-kun and transmigrated to a novel called “Lover in Atlanta” as a side/support character named Sasha Tart where she didn’t interact with any of the main characters in the novel. As our main character realized that she can’t compete with people who are much higher than her, she decides to change her approach and is labeled as “Noblewoman’s Pet” and she doesn’t mind it since it is a much better option than getting married under a contract.
  • Story so far:  The novel wraps up with Rebecca telling how she met Sasha and their journey together in the Aertsen Estate as well as other trials and tribulations with other people. The main story finally closes with Sasha saying she is definitely happy.
7 — Today the Villainess Has Fun Again (악녀는 오늘도 즐겁다)
  • Our protagonist had to endure a series of events from supporting her college crush, getting stolen away her then-boyfriend caused by her friend, and adding fuel to the flame, her friend sent a marriage invitation. After going home, she decides to read a webtoon and realized that although she likes the villainess, she shouldn’t be doing petty things, ditch the Crown Prince and focus on the things that make her happy especially with money. One careless sleep-talking ends her up transmigrated to the novel and becoming the villainess named Leilin Candmione.
  • Story so far: At the anniversary banquet, Leilin decides to have a lovely time-out at the balcony with Lucas as earlier she requested a duel as she got “embarrassed” as the Crown Prince brings Iris as his partner and blatantly cheats in front of Leilin, this also makes a stronger reason to break up the engagement.
8 — Kill the Villainess (악녀를 죽여 줘)
  • Our protagonist transmigrated into the novel’s villainess named Eris Mizelian after being overworked and underappreciated in her real world. She tries to escape the novel by killing herself in different methods but the “Law of Causality” doesn’t allow for her to die nor escape the destined story so she decides to make a deal with a sorceress, a commoner knight, and a suspicious high priest to leave the novel world.
  • Story so far: Knowing that the reason why our main protagonist transmigrated to the novel is since an elder dragon make his sacrifice to break the “Law of Causality”, granted the ladies wishes: where the original Eris Mizelian wished for herself to disappear and her maid wished that Eris’ wish will be fulfilled. As the wish granted, it needs a new soul for Eris’ body thus picking our main protagonist.
9 — I’m a Martial Art Villainess but I’m the Strongest (무협지 악녀인데 내가 제일 쎄!)
  • Our protagonist is a romance novelist working in Korea where she got involved in a tragic accident and transmigrated to the best-selling martial arts novel that she recently read before dying. Waking up as the villainess Haewon Tang, she tries to avoid its fated story and her “fated” death, she suggested sending her away to her grandfather’s villa. While on the journey, she ate a stranger herb which unlocks her chi and turned her into the greatest martial artist for the Tang clan.
  • Story so far: The Black assassins and the Demonic Sect are eyeing the Tang clan and their other alliances to take them down one by one. Meanwhile, at Sichuan, Haewon misses Gunwoo and finally realized that she likes him and requested him to stay by her side no matter what happens, and Gunwoo happily supported her. And, that wraps up Season One.

So that’s my 9 Isekai Manhwa titles! I know there are more interesting titles but for now, I’m focusing on the titles that I enjoyed right now. Sorry for the images, I tried to make them presentable yet mobile-friendly at the same time. Thanks for reading my Isekai manhwa list!