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Post-Quarantine Bucket List — Life Update 5

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In early 2020, words like quarantine, lockdown, social distancing, and isolation dominated our daily lives. They became so familiar as I encountered them regularly on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. During those quiet days spent inside my home, I found myself contemplating the future and what it holds. I wondered about the day when work returns to normal, and I can finally enjoy extended periods outdoors.

Even in the present day, there are still individuals who take the coronavirus very seriously, and as a result, the strict rules and regulations that were implemented years ago continue to apply to us today.

Tried some new food
  • I visited a Japanese restaurant recently because I had an intense craving for gyudon and ramen. Noodles hold a special place in my heart, and I simply adore all types of ramen. Returning to that same restaurant is definitely something I plan to do, as it offers a delightful culinary experience

Visit some new cafes
  • During the lockdown, I realized just how many coffee shops are scattered throughout my area. While I’m not the type to work at a cafe, I do enjoy the occasional visit to indulge in an overpriced cup of coffee. The number of coffee shops I’ve explored is already too numerous to count, and yet there’s still so much more to discover.
Hit the shops
  • During the lockdown, my visits to the mall were brief and limited to just a couple of hours, twice a week. However, as returning to the office becomes more common now, I find myself able to endure longer hours outside. While it still leaves me feeling quite exhausted by the weekend, I can see some gradual progress in adjusting to the extended outings
Start running again
  • I have been through a love-and-hate relationship regarding working out. Despite losing 40pds (18kg), I want to properly get into it and make it a long-lasting habit, but that can only happen once we get out of lockdown, so I’m putting it on my list to make sure I actually do it.
Meet up friends
  • With many of my friends back in their respective home countries, we have been staying connected through video calls on platforms like Discord or Facebook. As things are gradually returning to normal, I am eager to meet up with my long-time friends in person and indulge in the culinary delights we used to enjoy before the onset of the pandemic. Reuniting with them and savoring the food we have been longing to try will surely be a cherished experience

So there you have it, my post-lockdown bucket list! It’s been quite a journey, spending most of my time indoors since January 2020. Despite the challenges, I have managed to stay positive and hopeful for the day when this chapter in my life finally comes to a close. I eagerly await the opportunity to embrace the world outside once again, leaving behind the memories of lockdown and hoping that they never resurface.