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Major Change. Had to make 180°

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So this is a major change I’ve done on the blog. 

After the last post I made for 2021, I had an epiphany regarding my main domain and the subdomain that I built for a personal blog. Honestly, I had that uneasy feeling since day one — like an “oh no” moment and my subconscious is telling me that I have to transfer them to another subdomain that has no connection to the main domain. 

Luckily, backup exists, and transferring them to another subdomain made it quicker, so it took me 8 documentary videos and three cups of coffee to make everything up again but there’s one thing that I need to drop on my posts.

No images in posts

For Manhwas, with the Discord purging scanslation groups just recently I decided to remove those images. I know my posts aren’t popular or impacting but just to avoid images getting crawled, I had to remove them. *Sniff* I’m going to miss those Melissa and Astina emotes, I love those!.

Also, I had to remove photos on my other posts as well since I’m doing another blog project where it involves lots of photos so I need something to balance it out, also I have Instagram if I ever wanted to post some photos.

Moving forward with the new subdomain

There are small things that I still need to change with my current blog theme but I like it right now, this feels like an old style of blogging since it’s all text. I am happy with the sudden subdomain change and now I just need to fix my blogging habits.

Now to talk something about my life:

I’ve been busy lately too but this is due to stuff happening with work and the inevitable RTO (Return to Office) mandatory in a couple of months, so I’m gradually preparing myself with my wardrobe and commute items since I’ll suffer again with the daily traffic.

Going back to my old hobby

I was going through my old travel photos and I stumbled upon a photo where there’s a Gunpla exhibition in Seoul that sparked my interest again to assemble Gunpla kits again. I stopped doing those due to a lot of reasons and now I want to go back and be serious about it — buying the right tools, how to deal with paints, and airbrushing. 

I know that hobby can be really expensive especially if I want to be professional, around $200. But we’ll see…

And that’s all that’s been going on with me! I’m going to try and update this blog more often and be less lazy.