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Major Change. Had to make 180°

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So, here’s a significant change I’ve made on the blog.

After my last post for 2021, I had a realization about my main domain and the subdomain I created for my personal blog. From the beginning, I had an uneasy feeling about it, like an “oh no” moment, and my subconscious kept urging me to transfer them to a different subdomain that was completely disconnected from the main domain.

Fortunately, I had backups available, which made the process of transferring to another subdomain much quicker. It took me 8 documentary videos and three cups of coffee to get everything back up again. However, there’s one thing that I need to remove from my posts.

No images in posts

For Manhwas, due to recent Discord purges of scanslation groups, I have made the decision to remove those images. While I understand that my posts may not be popular or have a significant impact, I want to avoid any issues with images being crawled. It’s a bit sad to say goodbye to those Melissa and Astina emotes – I really loved them!

In addition, I have also decided to remove photos from my other posts. I am currently working on another blog project that heavily focuses on photography, so I wanted to strike a balance between the two. Moreover, I have an Instagram account where I can share and post photos if I feel the need to do so.

Moving forward with the new subdomain

Although there are still some minor adjustments that I need to make with my current blog theme, I am quite content with how it looks at the moment. It has a nostalgic feel, reminiscent of old-school blogging with a focus on text-based content. The recent subdomain change has brought a positive shift, and now my main focus is to improve my blogging habits and consistency.

Now, let’s shift gears and talk a bit about my personal life.

Lately, I’ve been quite busy with work, and things are getting even more hectic as we approach the inevitable return to the office in a couple of months. The thought of facing the daily traffic again has me gradually preparing my wardrobe and commute essentials to make the transition a bit smoother.

Going back to my old hobby

While browsing through my old travel photos, I came across a picture that reignited my interest in assembling Gunpla kits. There was a captivating Gunpla exhibition in Seoul that reminded me of the joy I used to find in this hobby. I had stopped working on Gunpla for various reasons, but now I feel the urge to dive back in and approach it with a newfound seriousness. I’m excited to explore aspects such as acquiring the right tools, learning about paints, and even trying my hand at airbrushing.

I understand that pursuing this hobby at a more professional level can be quite expensive, potentially costing around $200. However, I’m willing to explore and see how far I can take it while staying within my budget. It’s all about finding a balance between my passion and financial considerations.

And that’s all that has been happening and the changes I had done recently! I’m determined to make a conscious effort to update this blog more frequently and be more proactive instead of succumbing to laziness. Stay tuned for more regular updates!