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Happy Birthday, Entering Big 3-0

This is a very late post because it’s my birthday month. Had a chance to celebrate it twice due to living in the city most of the time. First is a Friday night date with my SO, and the second is a simple Sunday lunch with my family.

The funny thing is that it start the day with a terrible migraine and it lasted for days. Luckily ibuprofen worked but it made me so hard to focus while at work; coffee didn’t even work.

Birthdays throughout the years

When I was a kid, my birthdays were usually celebrated with my brother because it’s only a week apart. To save money for decorations, party foods, and invitations, we have to make one big party and invite friends and neighbors. 

Since we celebrate birthdays together, we almost share our birthday gifts as well. Good thing that video games are popular and recommended as the best gift for siblings, so our parents gifted us “Good Boy” — a Famiclone. We had a good time playing some 100-in-1 games back then. Fast forward to a few years, we got a Sega Genesis for a new console. I remember buying a Sailor Moon for my 9th birthday; I even recall saying to my mom that it is the only request I want for that day.

Lastly, we got PlayStation (PSOne) console that I end up short-circuiting by accident, luckily it is still under insurance. 

Being silly teenagers

I also remember playing versus on that console, we were playing Tenant Wars and ended up in a silly fight — so silly that we didn’t talk for days. We also played couch co-op like Resident Evil 5, it was fun roasting each other, telling how bad our aims are.

My brother and I are still close, he picks action games throughout his college years and I watch them until I fall asleep on the floor. I always hang out on this door whenever I want to watch him play and then fall asleep.

Hitting 30s

So I’ve reached 30. Did I become a mature person? No, especially not from my perspective but things happened that made me more self-aware.

Anyway, before this year ends I want to say Happy Birthday to me, and looking forward to reaching my 40s.