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Happy Halloween! It’s finally the last day of October, and November is just around the corner.

So, how is everyone doing? I’m sure many of you are enjoying your own version of “Trick or Treat” with your families or coworkers. In our culture, the Western-style “Trick or Treat” is a relatively new concept. We don’t go knocking on our neighbors’ doors or bring kids to the office for festivities. Instead, our tradition involves spending the day cooking and preparing for a potluck the following day. It’s a time for family gatherings and a chance to remember our departed loved ones by visiting their graves and staying there until sundown.

On November 1st, the border between our world and the underworld is believed to become thin or merge, allowing both harmful and benign spirits to pass through. That’s why people visit the graves of their loved ones—to show that they are present and celebrating with them, even if the spirits cannot see them directly.

And on November 2nd, as the “gates” begin to close, it is important for us to guide the spirits back to their world. To do this, we place candles outside our homes, creating a path of light for our loved ones and other spirits. It is believed that this will help them find a brighter journey in the afterlife.

So, that’s how we celebrate Halloween from October 31st until November 2nd. Now, it’s time for me to get back to creating Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 of my Manhwa reading list.