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Election Madness — Life Update 4

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May has arrived, and I find myself realizing that I missed Star Wars Day and Cinco de Mayo due to the peculiar season we’re currently in: the Philippine Elections. Election day is just a few days away, following right after Mother’s Day.

To be honest, as an introvert with a tendency towards passive-aggressive behavior, this is one of the most stressful experiences I’ve encountered in my lifetime. It rivals the anxiety I would feel if I were pursuing a life-altering career or undergoing significant life events, such as pregnancy or relocating to another country permanently.

As 2022 began, the tension was already palpable, but it escalated even further as the candidates had only a month left to campaign, particularly on social media platforms. Despite my best efforts to avoid propaganda websites, Facebook, and Twitter, I still find myself being lured back into the chaotic political landscape.

Despite my efforts to refrain from engaging on those sites, I can still witness my friends, relatives, and coworkers openly supporting a candidate with questionable experience and background. It’s disheartening because they are well aware of the past events and controversies associated with that individual, leaving me puzzled as to why they would make such a choice.

Nevertheless, despite being labeled as the “weird,” “rebellious,” or “black sheep” of the family, I will continue to stand by my decision and vote for the candidate I believe is the best choice for our country. I can only hope that fellow Filipinos will make informed decisions as well, ensuring that our economy remains stable and prosperous for the next six years.

Today marks the final day of campaigning, and several presidential candidates are holding their “Meeting de Avance” tonight. I am determined to attend and be a part of this significant event, hoping to contribute in some way and find a sense of purpose in my everyday life. I plan to capture the moments through photographs and share them on Instagram, documenting my experience for others to see.

Side Note: Amidst the election stress and my ongoing coding studies, I realize the need to allocate time for updating my other project. Balancing these various commitments can be challenging, but I remain determined to stay focused and make progress on all fronts.