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2021: The Full Recap

  • Life

As 2021 comes to a close, I find myself reflecting on the past year while enjoying a plate of delicious omelet. Despite spending most of my time indoors, there have been some memorable and eventful moments throughout the months. One notable experience was my almost successful attempt at getting a pet, but unfortunately, it didn’t work out due to some pending house rules.

Fitness & Health
  • In light of the unexpected weight loss I experienced in 2020, I made a decision to continue my efforts and strive for further weight loss this year. I’m delighted to share that I have successfully shed an additional 10 pounds. However, the journey hasn’t been easy, especially with my schedule changing every quarter. Maintaining consistency has proven to be crucial in my weight loss endeavors.
  • I’m currently seeking assistance in my weight loss journey. To aid me in achieving my goals, I have incorporated the use of various apps to track my exercise routine and practice Intermittent Fasting. So far, I have been successful in implementing IF into my routine, and now my focus is on establishing a schedule for utilizing the stationary bikes I purchased earlier this year.
  • Fortunately, I did not encounter any financial issues this year. However, I made the decision to cancel several subscription services in order to increase my income. I am pleased to announce that I have finally reached my savings goal, which will provide security for my living expenses during my retirement years.
Pupperino Dreams
  • I had a close opportunity to bring home a furry friend this month, but unfortunately, there were some conflicting rules with the building owners. I will follow up and inquire about the situation again in mid-January before the country potentially goes into another lockdown or before the year comes to an end.
  • Having a pet has always been a great way for me to combat loneliness, as I had dogs when I was a kid. I am eagerly looking forward to the possibility of welcoming a new pet into my life.
Blog Stuff
  • I’m excited to share that I’ve recently launched a new blog for my waifu, and it’s now live! I’ve put a lot of effort into designing the layout, and I’m quite satisfied with how it turned out. I’m currently waiting for Adsense approval, and I’m hopeful that it will be granted early in 2022. I can’t wait to start sharing content and connecting with readers through this new platform.
  • I recently made a change to my blog theme because the previous one couldn’t support gifs in featured posts. It was a bit disappointing because I really liked that layout, but I’m now using a new theme that can accommodate gifs. Although it’s different, I’m quite satisfied with the current theme and how it enhances the overall look and feel of my blog.
My Digital Library
  • In 2020, I made the investment of buying a Kindle, but unfortunately, it ended up becoming more of an expensive display rather than a useful device. However, I’ve recently embarked on a project to gather over 100 classic and popular horror books for my Kindle. Although I’m still in the process of completing this collection, I’m pleased that my Kindle is now transforming into a digital library. It’s incredibly convenient to have a wide range of reading options at my fingertips, especially when I want to enjoy a good book before going to sleep.
  • A few months ago, I started a scrapbook project, but I ended up leaving it unfinished. However, I recently decided to pick it back up and make an effort to complete it. I’ve finished the writing portion, but unfortunately, I ran out of stickers along the way. I plan to purchase more in the future to add the finishing touches. Despite it being incomplete, I’m genuinely pleased with the progress I’ve made on the scrapbook so far.

So, that concludes my 2021 Recap. I’m eagerly anticipating what 2022 has in store for me, and I hope to navigate through it successfully, even if it means enduring sleepless nights, stress, and other challenges that may come my way.